Friday, 18 April 2014

Scottish sun rock

Stunning weather today. I was working with Steve helping prepare him for an MIA assessment  going over some of the sort of problems he will have to solve. Craig came along to lend a hand by being on the other end of the rope as he will go forwards for the Award in the future too.

We went to Glen Nevis which was dry and sunny but with the occasional cold breeze above the trees. It was great to feel the sun and climb some favourite routes for the first time this year in perfect weather.
When Scotland is like this its as good as anywhere in the world!
 Stob Ban
 Steve on pitch 1 of Pinnacle Ridge
 Walking the roof
 Craig coming down from 3 Pines
 Styx Buttress Right Wall
 Great view to the Mamores in the background
Came home to rescue this little one from one of our cats

Thursday, 17 April 2014

BUSY day's teaching

During the day today I was working in Glen Nevis with first year students from West Highland College. Next week they will be assessed on their ability to coach a short, simple session for their peers. and today was a practise session. Those in my group were looking at ideas as varied as tying on and belaying, to shifting the centre of gravity climbing to use of clove hitches. It was cool and windy but dry.
This evening I was at the Ice Factor starting a CWA Training session for 9 candidates from West Highland College and Glencoe Outdoor Centre. Long but fun day
 Stability (?)
 Clove hitches
 CWa Trg

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Prep with the students

Today i was working with second year students from West Highland College helping them prepare some practical sessions they have coming up with local school pupils. We went on a site visit at a local venue they plan to use for an abseil and to The Ice Factor to plan the practicalities of preparing for and running a climbing session.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Halewood clan on Scimitar Ridge

We took Sandy up the Gutter (Diff) when he was two. Kaye is a bit younger at not quite two and we decided that Scimitar Ridge, the roadside Grade 2 scramble in Glen Nevis would make a sunny morning out and not too strenuous, especially since everyone except me is recovering from one illness or another. A nice wee family jaunt, and I managed to squeeze in time for a wee solo too and a bike ride home from the Glen!
Starting up
Kaye following
She's a natural
 Sandy going steeper
'Daddy, is this crab cross loaded?'
Important chocolate break time
Mini mountaineer
Nearly at the top
Family summit selfie

 Break time
Cheeky wee solo for dad!

Monday, 14 April 2014

FUNdas 1

Today I was at Glasgow Climbing Centre running a bespoke MCofS FUNdamentals 1 with Stuart Lyall for the staff team from Blairvaddich Outdoor Education Centre. We had an entertaining day with the staff team who were up for some craig as well as learning about the basics of climbing movement.
Balance on that!
 Man down!
 Never knew standing up was so complicated!
 More Centre of Gravity ideas
 Blind bean bag ninja assassins
 1 hand
 Low hands
 Flat hands and fists
Is this efficient climbing movement?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

SPA Training days 2 and 3

Well yesterday we were at a busy Ice Factor and the Onich Gorge. Today it rained…. a lot…. and we were in Glen Nevis. 3 days, lots of ideas, development and learning. Well done guys- hope the hands thaw out!
 A little muddy
 A little wet
Ok, actually rather a lot wet!
Off to Glasgow for a FUNdamentals of climbing 1 now.

Friday, 11 April 2014

UHI SPA Huntly's Cave

First of a 3 day SPA Training for students from West Highland College today. Given that many of them had lots of experience of slabby routes and climbs in Lochaber we decided to hit them with something new and took them climbing at a dry Huntly's Cave.