Friday, 21 November 2014

Amazing autumn sunset

Yesterday and today I was supervising a party of ATM students from UHI WHC on an overnight exped. We walked in the watery sunlight from the west end of Loch Arkaig to Kinbreak Bothy. After lunch and crossing the river we pressed on. I'd exerted some gentle persuasion as I was expecting a good sunset and the group agreed to camp high on Gairich Beag. It was well worth it. These pics have only been altered to tone down the amazing orange light. We got up for a quick breakfast before summiting Gairich and enjoying a sunny return.
The main right of way to Kinbreak from near the car park is a horrid boggy ATV track but the next pass to the west has a great old stalkers path over it- much nicer, a little lower, a little further but worth the detour.
 The locals
 Scott and his team below on the boggy track
 Nathan lifting his skirts to cross the river
 Light fading on Gairich Beag

 The group appear

 Bromance… Connor, where is your right hand!
 Kag enjoying the sunset
 Time to get the tents up
 Packing up in the morning
 A quick morning jaunt to the summit- cold ears Crunch?
 Gairich summit
 Team photo
Back to the bags 
Scott happy to be on a decent path!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Chasing rainbows with students

Out with the ATM students from UHI doing some hill skills in practise for their exec tomorrow. Today was clothing, nutrition, navigation and natural history.
 Oops! You'ld better fix that!
 Nathan's stable table- avoiding getting those trousers any grubbier!
 Someone's maths needs some serious work!
 Kag getting her Erica Cinera and her Erica Tetralix sorted
 Nathan telling the tractor joke (i'd sooner have my ears syringed with a red hot poker then swilled out with acid and finally cut off and buried in a dung heap than have to hear it again!)
 Kag deciding Fort William looks pretty good from this angle
 Autumn sunbeams
 Another leg to plan
 Taste the rainbow!
 Chasing rainbows!
The whole of the rainbow!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

No winter so still rock climbing!

Today Steve and I decided to risk a quick day in Glen Nevis. Thee was no rain forecast but that means title at this time of year and as we got out of the car sure enough a heavy shower set in. We went to the Alp and swung leads on The Gutter in our trainers. The higher rock was in the breeze and drying so we headed up to Secretaries Direct. The first pitch (the paddy, slabby bit) was a little damp (always fun on smeary mica schist) but we were lucky to only get a wee shower and enjoyed 4 pitches of great rock on what must be the best Severe in Glen Nevis, even taking some harder variations towards the Super Direct on pitch 3.
 Top pitch of The Gutter
 Steve removing gear
 Secretaries Direct P2
 Steve catching Autumn rays
Topping out

Sunday, 16 November 2014

CWA Abseil module on Orkney

A flu house of successful candidates today for the abseil module on Orkney.
 Ella about to send Iain down from the not particularly large ledge
 Any potential problem here?
 Gareth heading down
Donna running her abseil.