Thursday 4 October 2007

1 Oct Sandstone and Gneiss - a day of 2 halves.

Our trip to Opinan provided us with some great views and although the rock was damp it was rough enough to climb on anyway! We scrambled down to the base of the slabs as rainshowers passed us by inland and traversed in to do Westward Ho a nice single pitch VDiff. The nature of the rock on that climb gave me the confidence to try What Ho the Hard Severe to its right. The rock was excellent and the gear fine, we had cormorants flying and swimming around the base of the crag eying us suspiciously. By that time the clouds had disappeared and we were facing a sunny afternoon. We got back in the car and drove a short way to Loch Tollaidh Crags. Here only 10 minutes from the car we did Assault Slab (VDiff). This 40m high slab is climbable by a variety of lines at the same grade. A bit further along I did After 8 (Severe) and then we just had time for Rough Slab, a harder twin to the first route here at VS but with some really nice climbing. You've got to love the NW for good rock, peace and quiet and a huge number of crags close to the road to contrast the big mountain routes available there.

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