Wednesday 8 October 2008

Drier Rock

Another day out with Lochaber College. Today Graham, Richard and I were in Glen Nevis where we had a much drier morning than yesterday. Richard was consolidating his basic skills as a second; learning to belay a leader, build belays, place and remove gear, guidebook interpretation etc. Graham was wanting to get out on the sharp end. I led the guys up Pinnacle Ridge and then hung on a fixed line next to Graham to coach hi through leading Styx Buttress Right Wall. We looked at protecting a personal abseil as the rain came in and the moved down to Reptons Buttress. I lead up the first part of a very greasy 3 Pines and we used the opportunity to get the guys to conduct a safe retreat. Danny from Mountainplan as also working with a pair from the College and as he says on his blog, it was feeling mighty autumnal in Lochaber today - great colours!

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