Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Ron and I just spent the last 3 days in Torridon. The weather was fine, we had sunshine and the odd shower of very light hail or rain on a cool notherly breeze and very few midges. Ron wanted some scrambling on the main peaks in the area so day 1 saw us on Beinn Alligin which we traversed via the horns. the views out west were stupendous, these great north western mountains shoot straight up out of the sea and the defined ridges make you feel like you are walking a fine line between air and water.
Day 2 we walked round to Coire Mhic Fhearchair - one of my favourite places in Scotland. We were headed for Ling, Glover and Lawson's route. It runs up Sail Mhor to the right of a deep gully which a friend and I precociously tried the first winter ascent of many years ago. Back then I was a Grade IV leader at best and we were thoroughly spanked, abseiling off in the dark. I think the first winter ascent was at VI some years later.... Anyway the scramble starts with a short steep scree fan before some less than pleasant vegetated slopes. Finally we reached the clean sandstone and the fun began with some great scrambling in a nice position. We carried on up the ceum allagan - the short ridge taking you up the side of the triple butresses and onwards on our traverse. This was a long day, Ron has osteoarthritis in his ankles which leaves him with almost no flex at all. This means that loose quartzite blocks and Torridon's steep rough descents can seem a bit purgatorial!
Day 3 was Liathach. I love this long inaccessible looking ridge. The walk up is covered in butterwort and starry saxifrage just now- taking our mind off of the steep pull up to the crest. Then there is the traverse of Spidean a' Coire Leith to get to the fun bit - the pinnacles of Am Fasarinen. We took all these sandstone nobbles directly to maximise the enjoyment before heading on and down to Torridon. Again Ron showing serious fortitude (or was it just stubborn-ness) on the lengthy and rough descent.
A cracking 3 days!

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Looks amazing.

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