Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I've been away.

I was away working for The Glasgow Academy on Skye for a few days last week and since then I've been doing a bit more sedentary work (see next post above). The weather was pretty horrific but it didn't prevent Instructors Bill, Sally, Neal and I (aided by techer Ian) helping 9 very determined students with 3 days mountaineering. We made a mass ascent of the Cioch by Cioch corner, climbed the Inaccesible Pinnacle (with Adam in a wedding dress after promising a bride to be on a hen night at our bunkhouse- the wind almost tore it off) and made an ascent of Sgur a Mhadaidh via An Dorus (on the way down the wind was blowing the rain back up the gully so hard you really couldn't look into it! Well done to the team for sticking with it in some of the wettest, windiest and most slippery conditions of the year- especially those who had never been on a trip like this before! As Bill shouts over the wind in the video- 'Exceptionally well done guys'. To see a larger version of the video click on the DailyMotion videowall to the right.

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