Monday 27 February 2012

Quack quack

It was nice weather for ducks today as Nicky, Kieran and I headed for Buachaille Etive Mor on the first day of their mountaineering course. The guys are after a reminder of some ropework and the opportunity to get some further training on what tools to use when in a mountaineering environment.
With continuing mild, wet and windy weather we went to look at some rocky skills today making our way up Curved Ridge past the polished corner and then turning around and abseiling and lowering back down the route. Despite the lack of much snow I even managed to get a stomper in Easy Gully.
The rock was very slimy today. And it was wet- again. And more to come. Sigh. Could be worse. I could drive a desk..... (you reading this George ;-)

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