Friday 23 August 2013

My favourite days Scottish mountaineering

I was working with Stuart today for Abacus Mountaineering. He was keen on Tower Ridge and had an appointment to keep around 3 so we got a good start from Torlundy. The forecast was threatening worse weather from late morning/midday so we didn't hang about. We had a little mist coming and going but the rain held off and Stuart lapped up the varied scrambling on what must be my favourite mountaineering route in Scotland. The variety of the scrambling, the clean rock, the views to other classic routes and the layered ranks of other mountains fading into the distance mean I always enjoy myself.
We had a bite to eat on top of The Great Tower and dekitted at the summit. After following the pony track for a short way we had a quick chat and decided it would be more fun to descend Ledge Route and the weather stayed kind until we were all the way back to the trees. Happy days :-)
 Out of the gully
 Douglas Boulder below
 Looking down the Allt a Mhuillin
 Into the mist
 Snow low in Observatory Gully
 Coming around the Great Tower
 Leaving The Gap
Descending Ledge Route

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