Friday, 3 October 2014

Blown away on Lewis

Yesterday was day 3 of our SPA Trg on Lewis for members of the Lewis and Harris Climbing Club. we were at Caolas talking about all things 'groups'. I'm glad we didn't have a real group of kids with us as we would have been flying them like kites on the end of ropes if we had. It was a bit breezy. Respect to the Flybe crew too. I don't think I've started a flight in such windy conditions since Nuuk in 2000 where we had to wait for a lull on the runway with the whole plane tipping- the pilot watching the anemometer spotted a dip in windspeed and shouted hold on and went for it! Not quite that bad but a windy take off and gusty approach to Inverness so well done for a smooth landing!
Good craic, keen climbers, new crags, spectacular scenery. Cheers folks!

 Crag introduction from the local expert
 Threatening- but it stayed dry


Paul Sammons said...

Excellent course Al. Isi had prepared us well, and you have loaded us with so much knowledge. Hope to prepare for SPA assessment later next year. Do come back to the Western Isles.

Alan said...

Glad you enjoyed it Paul- I'll be back!