Friday 15 June 2007

Aonach Eagach

Don and I traversed the Aonach Eagach yesterday. No matter how often I do this ridge I never tire of it. It really is the best mainland ridge scramble in the UK. Today started windy as we made our way to the top at the east end. Fortunately the breeze dropped as we passed the pinnacles before strengthening again as we descended. We chatted to lots of people on the ridge and stopped to admire the many marsh orchids, beds of tormentil and Globe Flowers on descent. At the weekend I was working at Glenmore Lodge on an SPA training and on Tuesday I was doing some staff training for the Xscape wall and Skypark at Braehead - a good varied week!


Anonymous said...

Not sure the rope is really necessary in those conditions is it?

Anonymous said...

would you wear yor seat belt in the car going for a pint of milk
i take my son up the hill and if the run off can kill you the rope goes on cos im scared of his mum

Alan said...

In reply to the first anon.
It depends on the person and the day as well as the weather. My client had paid for guiding not teaching so my job was to help him move quickly and safely over the ground as part of an enjoyable day. I judged that his experience level, comfort zone and footwork combined with the speed we were moving over the ground meant that there was enough chance of a slip (and a slip though unlikely could have disasterous consequences) that a rope was justified.