Wednesday 20 June 2007

Spartan Slab

Ed and I had a spare half day free and he'd never been to the Trilleachan Slabs in Glen Etive before so we went up to climb the classic 5 pitch VS Spartan Slab. The slabs can take all morning to dry after rain but we were lucky and only the first pitch was damp (or Ed was lucky as that was my lead!).
Many years ago this was my first VS lead and I never tire of the easy angled granite slabs up here. Spartan has good gear and belays (as does Hammer) compared to many of the harder routes here.
The third pitch, pulling over the overlap will be the crux for some (especially the short) and as the photos show - Scots bred climbers can't jam! Others will find the more delicate 4th pitch the harder of the two.
After 5 pitches of great climbing we scrambled off and down to get Ed back for his shift at The Ice Factor.