Wednesday 16 January 2008

Hidden Ridge 16 Jan - Awesome

Inspired by a photo on UKC ( Jamie B suggested a trip to Ben Starav so he, Will, Henry and I made the long walk n this morning and it was well worth it. We had a stunning clear day and although the route looks pretty alpine compared to Saturday it was great (Jamie B '11 out of 10', Henry 'bestwinter route I've done'). We had plenty of bomber turf and firm snow ice and. Jamie and Will started up a line on the left and traversed in to join us at the top of our first pitch. The route gave a good vareity of climbing with a nice groove with a bulges low down, a nice wall for the crux and the pinnacles were just great fun - every time you reached out an axe it hooked into a perfect crack or over an edge. Highly recommended. We carried on over the top of Ben Starav and made it back to the car without reaching for headtorches.

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jingscrivens said...

Hey Al! good to see some traffic on this route, i did a somewhat desperate variation start on the right gully wall to join the original route below the crux wall. treat the guide grade with caution ;-)

did you walk straight up to the coire from the glen? bloody brutal!! we should get a route done this season. Eckie B