Thursday 24 July 2008

A different angle on granite

Today was supposed to be a day to rest and recover from the cold but it was going to be hot and sunny so Guy and I agreed to bag a route this afternoon. After yesterday's steep granite we decided to go to the Etive Slabs to tilt our world back 45 degrees and keep things easy on our fingers. We had hoped to climb Vein Rouge or Raspberry Ripple but a couple of weeks wet weather have left a damp streak down that part of the crag so we opted for a quick ascent of an old classic - Spartan Slab (my first VS, first VS lead and still one of my all time favourite routes). I led the first 3 pitches in hot sunny weather and Guy finished the route off with the final 2. Leading in blocks like this can save time in terms of sorting gear and getting the leader in the correct 'headpsace' for leading and we topped out in a leisurely seeming 2 hours of climbing. Back to my Lemsips and cold capsules - it finally seems to be shifting.

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