Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Today in lochaber and Far from Help First Aid Course

From the looks of it the rain has reduced the snow cover lower down and added a little at the highest level. Generally wet and milder today though.

There are spaces left on a Far From Help first Aid course at Glenmore Lodge (details below). For anyone undertaking remote overseas expeditions this is an excellent way of adding to your UK based First Aid knowledge.
Wilderness Medical Training: Far From Help Course
Far From Help is WMTs foundation course focusing on the core medical skills of diagnosing and treating a range of injury and illness conditions, including problems relating to hot, cold, high and tropical environments. The use of prescription medications such as antibiotics and painkillers is included (for use only in remote, foreign settings). FFH is outside the scope of the HSE but it fulfills the first aid course requirements of NGB Awards. This is certainly not a basic course by any standard - it provides a solid, stand alone knowledge base and is also a good platform to carry on to WMT's next level of training. It is ideal for mountaineers working in remote environments who require more than just the basics.
Venue: Glenmore Lodge
Start: 0900 Saturday 28th Nov
Finish: 1730 Sunday 29th Nov
Price: £252 non-residential/£318 residential
Further details and booking: http://glenmorelodge.org.uk/cust_images/Documents/WMT-Payment-Form-Please-complete-and-return.doc

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