Thursday, 12 November 2009

On the Bike, at the Ice Factor and CWA Training

A quick circuit of the Annat loop on the bike this morning gave me the picture of Ben Nevis above. The snow line is higher than in my pic from the 7th below but similar to Mike Pescod's pic from the 8th. The showers we have been having have still been falling as fresh damp snow high up but I doubt the Ciste buttresses have been riming up the way the summit cairns have been. Too little wind, not cold enough and not in the right direction. The ridges might still give a good struggle though... start early, climb fast, take a headtorch and leave a grade in hand or you could end up being rescued like the Tower Ridge party earlier this week.
This afternoon I'm doing some training for Duty Managers at The Ice Factor and then this evening is part 2 of the CWA Training.

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