Friday 27 August 2010

Back to work

Today I was at the Ice Factor running some site specific training for 3 of their staff on the teaching of lead climbing on artificial climbing walls- a fun day with plenty of coaching tips and games to enliven sessions teaching these skills.
Yesterday Neal and I were on the radio (Good Morning Scotland) you can hear us here on iplayer at about 2:18: 47 - . In the evening we were on the BBC Scotland News (Reporting Scotland) but iplayer has already removed that- I was surprised at how well some of the video clips from my little Olympus Mju camera showed up on TV!
Here are a few pics of some of the friends we made on our trip:

The incomparably kind Qachi Beg, guesthouse owner in Sarhad, a true gentleman...
His family made bread for us for several days travel...
Chordelgoy our head Khirghiz horseman. Despite his age he almost floored his horse with a punch to the nose when it misbehaved!
...And his nephew testing the salt levels in the cher-choi
Teh-lor, our horseman, cook and general factotum...
A group of shepherds met on the Daliz pass, exchanging gossip over.... of course... more tea
Hayat Khan, our 18 year old interpreter. Resourceful, loyal and seemingly with a school friend (or one of their parents) in every hut and village along the Wakhan. We couldn't have done it without him (and apologies to his teachers for bringing him back to school a day late...)

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