Wednesday 18 July 2012

Buggy, lichenous cragging. Can't win them all.

Not the  most productive day yesterday. Went to Strathconnon but arrived to late to go to the excellent Creag Ghlas. So we explored some of the smaller crags in the area.
Strike 1: Meig Crag. Slime in the crack on the cleanest rock, big wet streaks, lichen, bracken, ticks, midges.
Jamie B excavating slime from the crack

Strike 2 Scatwell slabs upper. Clean boulder problem starts followed by lichenous looking slabs, more ticks, less midges.
3rd try: Glenmarskie, slight breeze holding off the midges. I took us up some hideous lichenous slabby thing totally failing to trust my feet on anything, Jamie led well on a cleaner steeper HVS, Davey swatted midges and flicked ticks off. Then we legged it before the gate was locked at 5pm. Can't win them all.
Mmmm.... moss.... lichen.....

Much cleaner HVS

In between picking blueberries with sandy today I've added new dates to my NGB Courses. These ones based around Glasgow (see the bottom of the blog).

Here is another book to add to your booklist:

and I thought this explanation of risk and mountaineering in the Guardian was a good primer for the public at large:


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