Saturday 8 June 2013

Busy all round on the Ben

Today Jen and her Dad and I were not short of company on Ben Nevis. We did Tower Ridge along with a half dozen other parties, 2 lads skied Tower and No.3 Gullys (less snow than last weekend No.4 has a small break now), a team headed for the Long Climb (looked damp with a couple of snow patches leaking onto it) and at least 2 parties were climbing on Carn Dearg. And of course then there were the summit hordes... private walkers, bikers and 3 peakers.
We enjoyed great conditions on the Ridge and had lunch on the Great tower and 60th birthday cake and champagne on the summit!
The MIDGE IS HERE. Nibbled at the car park, again at the CIC and again on top of the Great Tower. Smidge that midge!
 Spot the ski tracks and the pair headed for the Long Climb
 Father and daughter
 Loving it
 Approaching the Great Tower
 Out of the cave
 In the Gap
 Nearly there
 Blowing out his candles
A grand day out!

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