Friday 7 March 2014

Last day at Glenmore Lodge for me this winter

After a good few days with Andy, Andy and Simon this week the weather was looking particularly unpleasant today. Most of the Lodge groups toughed it out for half a day but we'd put our 'grimmest' time in this week so we stayed down at the Centre to make use of the indoor and outdoor facilities there (and it was grim enough on the outside towers today!). The guys have done well absorbing and refreshing some skills in often dire weather this week and today was a chance to consolidate some of that in a more controlled environment and try a few new things.
It was my last week at Glenmore Lodge for this winter- home to a short break (climbing- fingers crossed) before a busy spell of work on the west now. I do enjoy working at the National Centre. The chance to observe and exchange ideas with colleagues and get inspired by the sense of humour, professionalism and resourcefulness that they bring to work whatever the weather! Plenty more work for them in the future including some time at the CIC Hut coming up.
a last few images of the guys today- cheers for the craic!
 Kirk laying out his day
 Trying something new
 Simon working up a sweat
 Accuracy and precision
Grim even down here!

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