Friday 19 September 2008

A little atmosphere

It was another dampish day on Ben Nevis today as we walked in to climb Tower Ridge. I've been up this route a number of times this month but dont seem to tire of it. Doing it with different people with different ability levels keeps it interesting for me and it is a cracking day on the hill, never failing to give a good day out and well done to the guys today. There was a new wild country rock stuck on the little tower, until I fiddled it out - if the owner wants it back let me know the size and tape colour. All this time on the Ben is keeping me fit for a trip to Skye next weekend - I'm doing my sun dance in hope.
We stopped at the CIC hut on the way up and were invited in to inspect the excellent work thats gone into the extension. The sight of the new fireplace made me long for an opne fire and a stormy night after a good days climbing.

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