Sunday, 23 August 2009

SPA Day 2 and my ankle

3 passess out of 3 on our SPA Assessment today - well done Chris, Jack and Becks. We went to a rainy Craigmore crag and the Peak Climbing wall in Stirling. Today we were discussing boulering, spotting, group management, the 'perfect' SPA crag, looking at various belaying systems for working with groups, top and bottom ropes and group abseils, problem avoidance and problem solving. I've included a picture of my ankle which 30 hours after the initial sprain has some great colour and swelling but seems to be taking weight fine (it stood an hours brisk walk on flat ground with a pack on tonight) - the wonders of frozen peas and red wine :-)


Anonymous said...

Ow Al! That looks sore! Easy up if you can...
Ali did Crib Goch yesterday! I'm away to Mont Blanc later this week. Moving to Peru over the winter, lots of opportunities, come visit! Love to Jane and Sandy
Saludos, Scoob n co

Anonymous said...

OUch Al. I hope you are going to take it easy for a couple of days. You've got more brusing than me! I know a good supplier of crutches if you need any! Take Care. Love to Jane and the wee man T & DC