Sunday, 30 August 2009

Tower Ridge

Today I was supposed to be taking John and his 2 daughters up Tower Ridge but the forecast by friday was not encouraging so we have postponed it for another day. However, since I have a week of fairly static work coming up I decided to go out and do it myself. Jane dropped me and the bike off at Torlundy and I rattled up to the CIC in drizzley rain, then a Tower Ridge running with water. The wind was a little gentler than yesterday but I still looked askance at the foreign school group walking up the pony track in jeans, light waterproofs or polythene ponchos and trainers - or in one case open toed sandals. It wasn't as cold today as recently but if they were forced to stop for any length of time there will be some very chilly bunnies......
Anyway a couple of pics of the view and some fungi (Orange Peel Fungus - Aleuria Aurantia) and a little video today and now I'm off to Glasgow.

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