Friday 16 April 2010

Great granite

Neil and I got a relaxed start for Etive Slabs today and we weren't alone. There were 3 pairs there when we arrives, we overtook 2 pairs on the walk in and a couple more pairs arrived after us. This gave us a good excuse to go and look at a route neither of us had done before. We started on Vein Rouge (HVS 5a,4c,4c). The rock was bone dry and mostly quite grippy (except the polished quartz at the top of the third pitch.... 29m above the runner) and the route was great fun with excellent varied climbing and adequate gear on the first pitch.
After we had had lunch in the sun we decided to hop onto the classic Spartan Slab (VS 4a,4a,4c/5a- argue amonst yourselves, 4c, 4b,-) as there were still teams low on Hammer and Pause. We made short work of the first 2 pitches but things were moving at a very relaxed pace at the front of the queue and the sun disappeared as we waited for the third pitch- so after that one we abseiled off.
Great routes, great climbs, great granite!