Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday on Ben Nevis

A day of today, but the weather was too nice to stay at home. So I got a late start cycling to Torlundy and then up to the CIC hut. We had a big dump of snow last night (several inches of fresh stuff) but the North Face Car Park was still full to overflowing. I joined another 33 people on Ledge Route having waded my way in. I could see parties low on Tower Ridge and just heading into Observatory Gully around midday- plenty of time and daylight for a route though, and those who had waited a little didn't have to break trail or clear snow off routes I suppose. The sunshine and mist chased each other around the mountain and there were a couple of light showers- but it was still warm enough for me to climb in a thermal and a windstopper gillet and without gloves. It was very sunny as I dropped down the Red Burn, looking across at dozens of walkers heading up. The rain forecast for tomorrow and tuesday will probably strip a lot of the soft snow off but the underlying ice will take longer to shift. There wasa bit of fresh ice around; the CIC cascade had begun to reform and an icefall to its left had a couple of parties on today (picture above).


Tim said...

Hi Alan

Think you passed us at the queue on the rocks before the "wall" on the Ledge route?
Think you said to my missus that it wasn't technically the right way but more fun!
We had a great day too,


Tim Brigg.

Alan said...

Hi Tim, the 'right' way is the way YOU fancy going (its just a bit easier round the corner to the right). Glad you enjoyed it.

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