Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Air miles

Another paperwork day and a drizzly start. I've been using an Accapi support on the ankle I broke last year and since I got it 2 weeks ago my ankle has improved enough to let me run again so I went for a 9km trot to Annat and up Corpach hill..... don't care whether its placebo effect or not I've missed that (and ordered one for my knee too).
Gray but dry weather this afternoon and thoughts turned to climbing. Blair came round to pick up some bouldering mats on his way out to boulder in tahe cave, near Arisaig and recommended an E1 on Gorge Crag in Glen Nevis to me. So Graham and I headed out there this afternoon. Access is easy; 2 minutes above the Steall path. The route, 'All Our Yesterdays' is a steep corner crack with a long reach to a slopey pull out left at the top and excellent gear. I placed all of my new Dragons in the crack bridging my way up but got thrown by wet holds at the long reach. Finally making the slopers I blew it at the rockover (despite taking a mouthful of heather to try to pull myself over the top - oops) and took a 5m fall. Oh well, a few minutes quality rest and off I went again nailing it with a much better sequence at the crux. It was spitting as we abseiled off (replced the tat and recovered your sling if you're reading Blair) but the route was steep enough to shelter beneath as we de kitted at the base. Grand route.


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