Wednesday 26 May 2010

A video from the Lakes and feedback from the movement coaching day

I've uploaded a video of the climbing course in the Lakes from the weekend below.
Also I had a nice e-mail from Jens and Hannah with feedback on the half day session I did yesterday on climbing movement for them: "Thanks very much for yesterday, we both enjoyed it a lot and learned even more.. ..I climbed that blue 5 again and it worked out fine from bottom to top using all the techniques we learned and then I went on to redpoint a 6a that I´ve failed at before, and managed to get that one linked up within 15 minutes or so.
We both feel it was well worth the money and time invested and hope that we could perhaps arrange for another session in a few months to follow up and improve on our technique."

Cheers guys I've plenty of ideas on what we can work on next!


Jim said...

As an aside: Doug Scott used to say that Glenwillie Grooves (the HS you did at Armathwaite) was one of his favourite climbs! It's a great little crag. Did you get the chance to explore further along and do Barnicle bill, flasherman and Erection - well worth it if you go again.

Alan said...

Glenwillie gives a good tussle in the top groove doesn't it? We only had a couple of hours but I did take a wander along with the guidebook- some great looking lines and lots to return for.

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