Thursday 20 May 2010

Leadership in the outdoors with UHI

Today I was working on an assessment for first years on UHI's Adventure Tourism Management Degree course. We were looking at party leadership in the outdoors and went for a walk up Glen Nevis to Steall around Meall Cumhann and back to the car park. On the way we discussed party management and issues such as rough terrain, slower members of the group, hazards such as the wire bridge and how to deal with minor incidents. We also looked at 'coaching' walking on rough ground and the importance of knowledge of the environment the leader is working in. A pleasant day out, cloudy but no rain that amounted to anything.


Gary Hodgson said...

Hi Al

Hope the students did well today, I was out with some of them last Thursday on their training day-hope they were all good potential leaders!

Alan said...

Yes they were a strong group with a good theoretical and practical grasp of the sunject. Spotted you in No.4 from Tower Ridge on monday I think.

Gary Hodgson said...

Thats good.
It must have been me in No.4, no one else as daft!
You must have cycled up for Tower Ridge then, no cars around!