Sunday 17 May 2015

Its snowing… again...

Day two of the AMI workshop and I went to Buachaille Etive Mor with the 3 trainee MIAs. We went up Curved Ridge and down its top section before curving round under North Buttress to carry on our descent. Rain, sun, hail and big, big snowflakes. Plenty of fresh white stuff on the hills today… enough already, I'd really appreciate some more spring and a little less winter impersonation!
Good to see Andy Nelson and Steve on the hill today too.
 Busy and blurry at the base
 Plenty of fresh white on those hills
 Getting involved
 Its snowing
 Ok are we still in the scope of the award here :-)
 Sun's back!
 Nearly up
 Always a great view down
 Steve at work
 Andy heading down under the rainbow
Lets go!

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