Saturday 9 May 2015

Work at the wall and the crag

Time for a blog catch up...
A busy few days in the Central Belt for me this week. I had a CWA Assessment at GCC, 2 days running site specific Lead Cimbing Teaching Training at GCC, 2 evenings introducing trad rock and today was running an MCofS FUNdas 3.
Well done to the 4 passes at CWA Assessment.
Top fun working to help staff get to grips with progressions for introducing lead climbing- lots of drills, games and creative ways to help people become confident, competent indoor leaders (as opposed to just being able to get up the wall).
2 super keen beans out for a tried intro to trad rope work on cold but sunny evenings. The guys have a 5 day course booked at Glenmore Lodge and wanted a primer to get them in the right frame of mind. The text afterwards was so gushing I was blushing: "Alan thanks once again for a couple of super evenings. Both Pete and I got so much out of it. You're an excellent instructor and very gifted in teaching people…" (it helps to have keen students and dry weather!!).
Finally today I ran a FUNdamentals 3 for the MCofS at TCA Glasgow. With a late cancellation it was a tiny team today but that meant it was a very informal approach as we worked through the syllabus of what is a pretty new course to Scotland. I was pushing the guys to challenge (argue with) me about various concepts around 'Advanced Climbing Technique' climbing on steeper ground and dynamic movement. As usual running a new course I learnt at least as much as they did!!!

Next 2 weeks are all about the mountains :-)
 Josh having wayyyyyy too much fun for an Assessment
 Josh and the Monsters Inc. warmup
 This is an autobelay
 Fun at the crag
 How do YOU clip?
 Kristie's clipping for tiny hands
 Willis's 'Ratho clip'
 You don't have to learn to lead on the lead walls!
 Angles and features for Andy to clip from
 Kristy on the boulder redpoint
 Willis clipping round the clock
 Long levers on the ladder FUnDas 3
 Jodie flagging
 Alan thinking hard about side pulls
 2 hold bicycle from Alan
Jodie making use of the dead point

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