Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Lochaber College

Today I was working with UHI Lochaber College Adventure Tourism Management Degree 2 years. The team I had already included some accomplished climbers both in summer and winter (E2 and Grade V) so I decided that some climbing was in order.
We headed round to Nevis Range and the Finnisg-Aig Falls which none of the team had done. I led a pair up whilst the more experienced pair led themselves.
It was another busy day with teams including Plas Y Brenin, Alan Kimber, Hughes Mountaineering, Jagged Globe, Snowgoose and Zac Poulton all on the route. Some care was needed to build belays away from falling ice and choose a route option that avoided tangling with other teams but everyone looked to be enjoying their climb.
Topped out to blinding sunshine..... again!

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Boistelle said...

Hi Al if it's not too much trouble would you be able to send me some of the other photo's from today?