Saturday, 6 March 2010

One last drag at the White Owl

Out today with Rich for some easy access ice. Although it has been warm I saw on the road south yesterday that Smoking the White Owl (Finnisg-Aig Falls) still looked complete-just. We had a good day getting 4 slightly hollow and damp but chewy pitches of ice. It needed a bit of care to choose a route solid enough to climb however- fortunately the steeper the ice the better it was, but I wouldn't hold out any bets for another day.
Ice climbs are fun whilst they last!

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Rich Nicholls said...

It was a really great day Al - I only had one whimper moment when both axes pulled leaving me shouting , "Al, TAKE, TAKE!!!" but I had good foot placements so I need not have worried.

Nice to meet Jane and Sandy (even though he was asleep).

Take care out there.