Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Seen this?

I've had a couple of days off and one wet abortive morning trying to get to Ben Nevis (cheers for the tow Rich). Off tonight to Kingussie to work with Edinburgh University students for 5 days mountaineering. Looks like I might be wearing 2 sets of waterproofs this week!
I was looking at Ian Parnell's excellent blog and saw this presentation by Alexandre Buisse that won the Arc'Teryx Adventure shot competition at SHAFF. I like my photography but this is a visual feast! To see a larger version on his website click here.

Why do we climb? from Alexandre Buisse on Vimeo.


Mike said...

Good to see a few shots of Ben Nevis in there. It really does stand up well next to everywhere else in the world.


Alan said...

This year the Ben has been looking particularily fine and we've had lots of foreign visitors over appreciating it too.

Anonymous said...

Fine...video with sound.

Watched this at work with mute (heaven forbid!!) and thought my pc wasn't working right as the pics flashed so quick.

Much much better with sound...nice music (any idea what it was?) and nice scenery.

Keep up the good work...West is defo Best...worldwide!!


Alexandre Buisse said...

@Anonymous: as stated at the very end of the video, the music is from 65dayofstatic, a great electronic/post-rock band from Sheffield.

@Mike: damn right there were pictures of the Ben! Tower Ridge was one of my best climbs ever, and I am falling in love with Scotland. It can certainly hold its own compared to many other ranges in the world.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks Alexandre. Great work


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