Saturday 27 March 2010

Still loving this winter!

I went with Anatole and Emma today as they took themself up Ledge Route with me advising on footwork and ropework. I was quite a party with Gill, Mike, Cliff and Jamie B all at the base of the route with students. It was snowing around the base of No. 5 Gully but on the walk in I saw enough of the Ciste to make me think that there must be some good climbing to be had up there. The base of Glover's looked well formed and things like Garadh Gully and North Gully are still thouroughly banked out. I spoke to climbers who had done Sickle in good nick, parties were also on Orion Direct but the fresh snow was funneling down Point 5 in quantities that made at least 1 team back off. Lots more climbing to come in the next week! We enjoyed our trip up Ledge Route which is still very snowy and came down No.4 Gully (a little fresh damp snow blowing in balling on our crampons a little).