Monday 19 July 2010

'I'm going missing for a while....' quote Maximo Park. My last day in the UK has been wet and busy. I had 2 students out for an intro. to climbing ropework session at Neilston Quarry near Glasgow today and the rain was like a tropical downpour. By mid afternoon we had retreated to Glasgow Climbing Centre. This was convenient for me since this evening I was running a Climbing Wall Award Reassessment followed by a Climbing Wall Award Abseil Module Assessment there.
That's it until August 23rd! Tomorrow its a train to London, flights to Istanbul and Dushanbe, a jeep shared with a BBC correspondent for 2 days to the Afghani border, a day or 2 buying supplies in Ishkashem, another couple of days in a 4wd to the end of the road, 4 or 5 days trek to the middle of nowhere, a couple of weeks of climbing and then the reverse journey.... and that's all assuming everything goes to plan (which would be quite boring).
Have a good time while I'm gone!
If you have enquiries about courses my wife, Jane, will be checking my e-mail and running my calender in my absence.
I've gone climbing!

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