Friday 2 July 2010

The wee man...

Today I cycled out to Torlundy and went for a jog up Tower Ridge. The recent heavy showers have recreated quite a few of the seeps that had been absent in the dry spell. The showers we had today came in on 40mph winds which made it feel like it was lashing down for short periods. This didn't stop me knocking a few minutes off my pb for the round trip which bodes well for my upcoming Afghan trip.... but I do hurt tomight.
Before going away I've been spending a while with Jane and Sandy. Warning you only need to watch the video if you want to watch my very active not quite 2 year old paddling, biking and driving!


Unknown said...

Wow - he is super cute! (Just went on to show a friend the video you did of us going up Douglas Boulder and Tower Ridge and spotted you had a new video up.) Can't believe he's not even 2 and he's already biking!! Think he must take after his Dad... Also, would like to say that you saying that you 'went for a jog up Tower Ridge' does not do anything for my street cred when I'm telling people how hard it was! So less of that please :)

Alan said...

Hey Lisa, he is an active wee demon- but takes after his mum. His dad is actually very lazy! Tower Ridge? Ah yes but I skipped out the 7 pitches of climbing we did over the Douglas Boulder so yours was still a hardcore day out ;-) Just posted your CD.