Wednesday 7 July 2010

Last day in the North West

With gales at sea level and sudden drenching showers we left Skye and went to Ardheslaig. This slabby single pitch gneisss crag is climbable even in the wet.... which tuurned out to be a good job as the heavens opened and the wind did its best to blow me off of the first route. After topping out it was a quick descent for more clothes and a speel in the group shelter before we rigged a line so that I could be next to Morag on her first lead. She walked up 2 VDiffs in less than perfect conditions- making them look very easy and many thanks to Karen for her able belaying. Then once more the heavens opened and we beat our retreat!

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Alan said...

Oops, youtube disabled the track from Pendulum so I've replaced it with something else...