Saturday, 28 September 2013

AMI Improvised Rescues Workshop

Today I was working with 4 full members of AMI on a CPD workshop based around what to do if it all goes pear shaped on the crag. The aim of the day was to refresh and revisit personal skills but also to share idea and experiences of how we would teach these skills to both recreational climbers and those moving through the instructional awards. It was was warm and sunny in Glen Nevis and the handful of early midges were soon sent to ground by the bright sun.
We discussed our personal aims for the day and then looked at our own experiences of using various techniques to deal with climbing problems. Then at the crag we climbed a few pitches looking at common problems and what the building blocks would be to teach others to enable them to solve them. We examined various shiny bits of kit during the day but always came back to what you could do with the ever versatile 6mm prusik loop!
Nice to feel warm sun on my back and hot rock under my hands today and thanks to Hannah, Mungo, Simon and Matt for their contributions. I was so busy that the camera remained on the ground all day but more of the same tomorrow... and more sunshine!

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