Monday, 9 September 2013

MIA Assessment Day 1

 Lou top of P1
 Niall getting his leg over
 Niall on the traverse on P2
 Lou taking over
 Lou getting into the groove
 The climbing is better than it looks
 Lou in action
 Almost at the top
 Niall far above Loch Avon
Lou keeping her energy up (eating again!)
Day 1 of a Glenmore Lodge MIA Assessment today and it was time to go climbing. The forecast suggested a cold damp day on the hill and as we dropped down Coire Raibert it was grey and we were hit with big cold raindrops. So we decided on a VDiff and headed for the Tenements. Of course then the sun came out and it stayed dry despite the forecast, it was however pretty chilly by the last couple of pitches. Harder climbing for the team tomorrow. Thanks to Lou and Niall for being so relaxed about the presence of a camera on their Assessment.

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