Friday, 13 September 2013

Final day of the MIA Assessment and providing the new Coaching Awards

Last day of the MIA Assessment and I was out with 2 of the candidates looking at their personal and teaching navigation abilities. Then it was back to Glenmore Lodge for final debriefs, congratulations for some, commiserations and action plans for others. Well done all for the hard work put in this week.
Don't know what all the furore about snow is about on the news. I was sweating hard at 1100m today!
 Getting ready to leave the line feature
Attack point near Chalamain Gap
Congratulations to the other Coaches chosen as the first group of Trainers and Assessors for Mountain Training's new Coaching Awards. Its a compliment to be chosen. The decisions were based on scoring us on a variety of areas including experience of: Coaching, Delivery of Coaching, Experience of Delivering Training and Assessments, Personal Climbing Ability, Presenting to Groups and more. Induction soon and then a range of interesting new courses to get good at delivering!

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