Sunday 24 February 2008

Another wild weekend but at least there is snow

On Friday with winds gusting up to 100 mph on the tops we decided on a low level day to prepare my clients for a trip to Cho Oyu. Indoors at The Ice Factor and on some of the slopes around Kinlochleven we looked at prussiking, jumaring and ascending and descending fixed ropes. Even near sea level the winds were strong enough to push us around! Respect to Jamie B for his ascent of NC and even more so to the guys who climbed Darth Vader! Saturday was a 'make and mend day'. Its amazing how much abuse kit takes in a winter season and by the end of this winter I'll need new waterproofs, boots, harness, picks, frontpoints and a replacement for my Montane Prism jacket - definitely one of my favourite ever bits of gear. None of these has seen more than 2 seasons (includi ng this one) except the harness!
Today was cold with plenty of fresh snow. Over the next few days the winds will stay hih and the temperatures will oscillate back and forward around freezing at the summits. Glencoe mountaineering tomorrow.

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