Friday 21 March 2008

Stob Ban 21 March

Back to Stob Ban today in gales and snow showers. The northerly wind came in strong gusts (up to about 70mph at 900m) today - at one stage I watched an ice axe blowing along a ledge before it was hastily clipped to a belay! The winds are scouring some slopes and depositing snow deeply in sheltered spots. It also felt a bit milder out of the wind today than expected (ice mushy and wet at 900m). We could see evidence of a large cornice collapse on the East side of the north ridge of Stob Ban but the same site was rapidly building a large new one today. Enjoy a blustery Easter weekend folks.


GeeGee said...

Looks like a great day.
Great to see both of my friends Tracey and Rich on the same rope on a route such as this. Only wish that I was fit enough to join them.

Anonymous said...

It was a great day - very windy and cold and Tracey is kicking herself for moving so slowly on the climb.

We both came away from the day with so much more knowledge thanks to the superb teaching skills of Alan.

On the climb Tracey said, "Never again." Today, only one day later she's thinking about when we can get another day in. But she really needs to stop doing the 10 to 2 eh Alan!


jes9341 said...

I've seen Tracey's bruises and I think she did great!!

Looks fantastic, very jealous but very aware that that kind of thing is WAY out of my league :)

Well done :)

Alan said...

Tracey did just fine on a challenging windy day and a long route for a one of her first winter climbs. I'd go on the hill with you again any day T! jes9341 dont sell yourself short! There is always a route to push you little further without jumping in at the dep end. Al