Monday 2 June 2008

Walk in the woods

I went for walk around Glencoe Lochan this afternoon to take a break from some paperwork. This lovely woodland area was populated by the master of Invercoe House to try to make his Newfoundlander wife feel at home. Amongst the Douglas Fir and Sequoias are more common Spruce trees. The resin from these looks like clear water droplets until you touch it or get it on your clothes. A twig dipped in the sticky resin burns quickly but be careful, when it is hot it runs like melted wax! The carpets of Scots Bluebells we've seen this spring are retreating now and other wild flowers like these Speedwells and Bugleweeds are coming through as are the yellow flowers on the Water Lillies. A cloudier day in Lochaber with the odd streamer of heavy rain bearing cloud touching the tops. It feels close and heavy like we are going to get a cloudburst to clear the air.

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