Wednesday 13 August 2008

Rock Climbing

Today Chuck, Guy and I went for a little staff training day. Both of them are instructors at The Ice Factor and will do their MIA Training this autumn. Today we decided to explore a new crag (Far East Buttress on Aonach Dubh) and run them through some of the ropework considerations for teaching and guiding 2 clients at a time. After the last week or so of damp weather in the West of Scotland the rock was wet and it was obvious from the odd slimey hold that this crag was less visited than the Quiver Rib/Archers/Eve's Arete area but the climbs were still good. We cleared a little loose rock from Farewell Arete (V Diff, 3 pitches), Nirvana Wall (Severe, 3 pitches - the last excellent) and Rough Slab (also Severe, 1 good long pitch with a grand finish). Overall this crag is well worth the extra 15 minutes walk - good blocky and rough rhyolite which only needs a couple of days to dry.

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