Friday, 24 October 2008

Wintery on Curved Ridge

Day two of Marks trip to Scotland and there was hail, thunder and Lightning as I left my house this morning!
We went to Buachaille Etive Mor and were caught in another blustery hail storm near the foot of D Gully Buttress that sent us scuttling for a faster moving day on Curved Ridge. The lower half was wet and clear of snow but once we had passed the foot of Agags Groove the showers we had watched blowing around the mountain contributed to the inch of hail and snow on the handholds. By the time we climbd Crowberry Tower we were clearing a lot of fresh wet powder off of the holds. We didnt see any hoar until the little wall at the summit however. We were even treated to sunshine and some wide views around the summit as we scuttled down before the next squall, happy with our day.


Anonymous said...

We like it! Waterproof camera essential. We think you're getting the hang of this blogging thing! Saludos! Scoob n Co.

Anonymous said...

I can't view your video so here's my version of the footage you gave me.

Thanks for a cracking day out Alan (again). Mark