Wednesday 28 April 2010

Drier further North

I've been out on the bike locally whilst taking some time off to recover from the winter exertions but the damp weather was robbing me of my climbing fix. A careful check of the forecast revealed a window to the north so Kat, Gill, Rich and I headed to Sutherland where we had a great day climbing on the very steep.... and only slightly snappy (well held Kat)... sandstone of Latheronwheel. We camped for the night at a pleasant small site in Dunbeath, eating at the Bay Owl (don't let the tatty transport cafe look from the outside fool you- its great inside, so's the food, and the beer). Rain the next morning didn't stop us paying a quick visit to Sarclet where the rock displays an amazing (and amazingly solid) band of conglomerate between layers of sandstone. We had time for a couple of routes and they were good enough to make us want to go back for more. Then it was home via an afternoon's great biking at Highland Wildcat Trails above Golspie.