Wednesday 8 September 2010

Tower Ridge bike and run

Bah.... think my body is still recovering for a month of bad food and exercise and a week and a half of post expedition illness. Cycled from Torlundy up to the dam car-park... fine. Headed up to the CIC at the same pace as usual.... fine. Got onto Tower Ridge (damn cold and windy) and legs powered out half way up. It took me a good deal longer than it usually does and the jog back down to the bike was no better. OK it still took me less than 4 hours back to the house but didn't feel at all strong.
Right, winge over, as a mate of mine would tell me 'best tuck my skirt in and get on with it'. A few more jaunts up Tower Ridge and I'll be feeling better.

Took a few pictures of the remaining snow patches round Observatory Gully for the Annual Snow Patch Survey- we'll see if the patches on the Ben last this year or not....

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