Sunday 31 October 2010

Its all go...

Canyoning the Bruar from Alan Halewood on Vimeo.

A busy week of CPD and work. On monday, tuesday and wednesday I was attending a Canyoning workshop arranged by Vertical Descents, hosted by Nae Limits and run by American Canyoning guru Rich Carlson. Rich is sort of the Yoda of the canyoneering (as its called in the States) with a tremendous amount of experience at home and working alongside various other Asscoiations in France, Spain and Australia to name but a few. The course provided a good introduction into the nature of techncial ropework involved in descending rocky swiftwater canyons.
Thursday night I was in Glasgow eating Neal's excellent roadkill pheasant, Friday was a day run to Kendal where the Climbing Wall were hosting a BMC Learning to Train workshop for coaches looking to teach specific movement techniques. After waiting for a crash to be cleared by police and fire services just south of Fort William I was home at 1 in the morning to start an SPA Training which ran yesterday and today.
Busy times!

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