Saturday 4 June 2011

Coaching climbing movement workshop.

I was working for MLTA at Glenmore Lodge running a workshop on introducing basic climbing movement to beginners. After working through the components of a healthy and relevant warmup we looked at fundamental concepts such as the climbers centre of gravity and how to move it and rotation. We examined how to introduce these concepts to different client groups and exercises and games to improve their understanding and execution of these climbing skills on a variety of angles of climbing surface. The inclusion of a little bit of Coaching Processes (How to coach as well as What to coach) gave us a good full day of training.


don husband said...

hi alan ,excellent workshop,i got a lot of great basic tips for coaching kids ,and also for my own personal climbing.only wish this had been available in the 60,s when i started climbing. thanks don.

Alan said...

Hi, a pleasure Don. All the best and hope you get a new wall on Orkney soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan. The Coaching climbing workshop was an eye openner. I felt like I was learning to climb all over again. I also liked your method of instruction. I will adopt your technique when ever possible. This training will help me to teach novis climbers much more enjoyable.
I recommend this workshop to all developing instructors.
Thanks for an educational day.
Wendell Martin