Thursday, 19 April 2012

Short haul

I'm sitting in a chair. That may seem a small thing to you but it's the first one I've seen in 3 weeks.
Today I hauled my pulk into Ittoqortoormiit on the east coast of Greenland and took the skins off my skis for the last time on this trip. 3 of us have just completed the first north south ski traverse of Liverpoolland. We crossed each of its ice caps and stopped to bag 2 peaks, one of which is a first ascent. We also spent 5 days pinned down by wind.
Now I'm enjoying not being in a tent with 2 other smelly blokes. Not eating food I have to add water too. Not watching my breath freeze to the inside of the fabric dome the moment the sun goes behind a ridge. Not getting the hot aches each time I have to do a job that requires taking off my mitts in temperatures that have reached -25.
Great trip. Didn't get eaten by bears. Skied off an ice berg. Home on Sunday.
From the fact that I've turned on my phone to find that SAIS are still texting me weekend reports it looks like you lot are still getting the snow too!

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