Tuesday 2 October 2012

Definitely feeling like autumn today

 Checking the line and staying safe
 Rigging the ropes
Nice wellies!
Day 2 of AAA's Staff SPA Training and we had heavy autumnal showers at Auchinstarry. The guys persevered well and kept the rigging and learning going all day. 
I'm back home in Corpach today. 3 more days work in Lochaber then holiday.... yippeeeeeee!


Anonymous said...

Going somewhere nice on holiday?

Alan said...

Mallorca. 1 weeks holiday, then a weeks sport climbing work out there and 2 days work in Marbella on the way home!

Anonymous said...

My club are heading out there too this weekend, unfortunately I'm off to a conference in Istanbul (nice too, but no climbing...)
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

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