Sunday, 25 August 2013

Scottish Hot Rock!

Its was scorchio in Glen Nevis today for Pt.2 of our AMI Trainees Workshop. The focus today was on slick, tangle free parallel climbing. We started on Flying Dutchman (the first pitch is better than it was but still a little dirty as Lou found out) and looked at options for protecting 2 people across the long traverse on its second pitch and took in the short 4c Direct Finish too.
Then a sweaty bit of jungle bashing found us at the foot of Secretaries Direct, the best Severe in the Glen (and one of the best in Scotland IMHO). Lunch in the sun and then Simon led us up this before an abseil down.
After a review and refreshments Simon hit the road for Edinburgh and Lou and I spent a last 10 minutes looking at one more piece of ropework in the run up to her MIA Assessment (smash it Lou!) before the end of a hot but interesting day.
PS Yesterday I found a rope and some gear half way up Pinnacle Ridge. Contact me with a description to reclaim.
 Lou on Flying Dutchman
 Simon savours the exposure
 There are far worse lunch spots
 Awesome rock
 Top of the first pitch of Secretaries Direct
 Pitch 2... almost as good as Pitch1!
 Pitch 3's not so bad either!
Simon's brain about to bubble over...

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